It was a rather early start, especially since today was North American time change day. My 08:00 departure for Toronto left Halifax on time. It was a bumpy 2 hour ride west, so, par for the course in March. This time of year, travelling to Europe from Halifax almost always requires a stop at YYZ.

I’ve travelled all over the world from this airport. Los Angeles, Auckland, Frankfurt – none of these have happened without a stop here.  I’ve never really understood the reputation for being a difficult airport among Canadian travellers. I’ve usually found the signage to be clear and operations to be reasonably efficient. It is, of course, plagued with the same issues any large airport faces, but there’s little that Pearson Airport can do about that itself.

Tonight, I’ll depart for London. It is mildly annoying to spend 2 hours flying west to go east, but that’s a result of living in a relatively small city in the off season. Halifax has plenty of service to Europe, just very little outside the April to October high season.

It’s a rainy, cold day here in Toronto, so I’ll be sticking around at the airport. As much as I enjoy this city, I really don’t feel like dealing with the damp cold and expense of getting into town. Instead, I’ll enjoy my cold smoothie (then, maybe even a beer later), and wait to head to the world’s best city.

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