As a nerdy kid in the late 80s, I would listen to distant shortwave radio stations, and wonder about the places they came from. Bear in mind, this was not a time with widespread access to the internet or significant globalisation. The Soviet Union still existed and the most efficient way to reach much of the world was via a letter on paper. It had a lasting effect, and I still credit those early experiences with planting the seed of adventurousness.

Japan, in particular, has held my interest since those early days. The interval signal (introductory tune) for their broadcast was haunting, and was effective in getting my attention. As a result, Japan is my first stop. It won’t be my only stop, and so Dispatches from Tokyo may not be entirely fitting as a title, but it’s first.

This blog will follow my adventures, exploring the places that seemed so far away in my childhood. It will allow you as an armchair traveller, a planner of a future trip, or just a curious person, to follow along. I hope you will, and I hope you enjoy!

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