This is Awkward

This is awkward.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to decide how to create an interesting opening line for my first-ever post on Road Trip Writer. I came to the conclusion that no flowery introduction was ever going to happen, so here we are. Welcome.

Road Trip Writer is going to be, perhaps unsurprisingly, about travel and writing. These are the things I truly love in life. Using the written word, I feel as though I can express myself with appropriate nuance and thoroughness. I’m usually a little too self-conscious to publish, but I’m going to take a risk on this one. I can think of no better way to hone my writing skills than to plod around Europe, trying to learn how to behave in a new culture every few days, and writing about it.

My next adventure is set for spring 2019. These adventures will, for the first time, take me east. The precise itinerary is still in development, of course. I’ve never crossed the former Iron Curtain, so this will be a sort of reality check for me. I watched the events of the ’80s and ’90s from a comfortable distance and a decidedly western perspective. All things eastern have a pronounced foreignness in my consciousness, and I’m really excited to get there and to smash any clich├ęs and preconceptions I may have.

Broadly, my plan is to travel relatively quickly for about three weeks in March, with a quick jaunt from London to Amsterdam by train, then on to Berlin, and into Poland, Czechia, and then Hungary. This little journey has been bought and paid for already, and is going to be the ‘touristy’ part of my adventure. From there I’ll have another six weeks or so, and I’ve yet to decide exactly where I’ll be going. It’s been (tentatively) narrowed down to either Ukraine or the Balkans, I think. I’ll be choosing an area, finding a flat, and settling in for a few weeks. A rest will be welcome after numerous hostels, and I do want to experience local life somewhere rather than solely existing on a tourist trail. From there, it will be a whirlwind few days (or a quick flight, this remains TBD) back to London.

So, what’s the plan for Road Trip Writer, then? Well, it will chronicle my travels, of course. There will be regular updates, with my perspectives and plenty of photos. It will not, however, only be a travel journal. Nobody really cares that I’m on the road. Millions of people travel all over the world every day, and very rarely does anyone want to sit through a viewing session of someone else’s travel snaps. I’ll also be trying to introduce some practical information and advice based on my experience. The overarching theme will, of course, remain travel, but this is my blog, and will reflect my personality as well.

As it stands, I’ll be posting regularly during the preparation phase. It will include little bits of information about the upcoming journey, but also broader travel information from previous experience.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Road Trip Writer. There’s much more to come!